Monday, 24 November 2014

Will You Spoil Your Dog This Christmas ?

From UK Dog News by Ryan O'Meara  
Will You Spoil Your Dog This Christmas ?

Dogs could be in for an indulgent Christmas this year, as according to a recent survey by pet product manufacturer, PetSafe.
According to the research more than forty percent of dog owners admit they like to make their best friend feel special by giving them treats – and what better time to make your dog feel extra special than at Christmas.
As well as loving to treat our dogs, the survey also concluded that we are a nation of dog lovers with 83% claiming their dog is one of, if not their highest rated possession. With 63% spending up to £50 per month on their pets, it is certain that there will be a few stockings waiting for our pets on Christmas morning.
The only thing is you should keep a sense of proportion and remember a dog is not a human. 
If you want to treat your pet at Christmas, it will probably not appreciate the humour of a funny costume but will love extra treats in the form of food. Here again, be careful because a lot of human food is totally unsuitable for dogs. One important NO! is Chicken or Turkey bones, these are sharp and brittle and very dangerous for dogs.
Enjoy your Christmas but keep your best friend safe

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