Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Cost Of Your Dog

During these difficult times for those on a limited budget, the cost of caring for a dog can become overwhelming.

Many people do not realise the cost of feeding and maintaining their pet in a healthy condition. Research from Tesco Pet Insurance showed that your dog can cost you £600 per year and take over 600 hours of care.

The main single expense is the cost of veterinary services. These worked out at an average of £200 per year. For those unfortunate enough to have a dog with a chronic health condition, vets fees can add another £600 per year or worse.

Head of Tesco Pet Insurance, Colin Campbell, stated that it was important that prospective pet owners should consider these costs before committing to a new dog. They should plan ahead for vet's bills to ensure they take out adequate insurance against injury and illness because these could cost "thousands" in the extreme cases.

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