Thursday, 6 October 2011

Shocking News and Dangerous Food

Shock Dog Collars
A couple of months ago a guy in Wales in the UK was fined £2000 (approx. $3200) and costs of £1000 (approx.$630) for using an electronic shock collar on his dog. These collars are now against the law in Wales - but is this fair?

My belief is that it is fair, at least to the dog, because the high voltage charge delivered to the dog is frightening and usually disassociated with anything from the dog's point of view. In the hands of an untrained owner the effect on the dog can be devastating and actually induce worse long term behaviour, there are even recorded instances of a dog suffering a fatal heart attack as a result of the use of a shock collar.

In the hands of a really professional licensed dog trainer, a shock collar might just be effective for very specific fault correction but in all other cases they should never, never be used.

Bear in mind that many dog owners do not know how to use the simple check (choke) collar properly, so the wide introduction of shock collars would almost certainly result in a lot of un-necessary suffering for dogs.
There are alternatives available which are less cruel than a shock collar, but actually, when you learn how to train your dog properly you do not really need such “high tech.”devices.

Dangerous Foods For Dogs
I have received many requests to list again some of the foods that are dangerous for dogs so here goes:-

-Chocolate (including cocoa )
-Greasy foods (e.g. French fries, ham, bacon, pepperoni etc.)
-Macadamia Nuts (nutmeg)
-Pits (stones) (cherry pits, peach pits, pear pips, plums pits, apricot pits)
-Raw eggs, milk,
-Sweetener substitute Xylitol (found in sugar free gum and other food stuffs)
-Skins ( including potato skins, turkey skins, chicken skins etc.)

There are many other dodgy foods but stay safe and stick with good quality branded dog food and treats. Remember the garbage bin is the place for your leftover food and scraps. Also remember that vet's fees will cost you more than the cost of better quality dog food.

Dog Training and Dog Care Manual
If you have not yet purchased a copy of Dog Training and Dog Care you might be interested to learn that an ebook version for Amazon's “Kindle” has just been released and is available at :

On the Amazon page there is a link ”Try It Free” (Sample the beginning of this book for free ) Click on the button “Send Sample Now” This will enable you to get a flavour of the book and also see detailed contents.
It's worth a look.

Take it easy out there.

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