Saturday, 14 May 2011

Out and About

With the approach of summer you may be planning a few days off in the countryside,
so the flavour of this blog is "out and about".
I am writing this on unlucky Friday 13th, a day when some people would prefer
to stay safely in bed all day. (Actually there a few who would like to stay
in bed all day on any day of the month). Luck is a funny thing, you may believe
in it or just consider luck is the out come of random statistical happenings.
Locally there was a recent case of a dog that happened to have luck on his side.
The incident was about a dog named Cochyn an Irish Setter, who had luck on
his side on 10th April, when he was rescued by Cardigan RNLI volunteers.

The lifeboat teams were out on a training exercise in their lifeboats when the
coastguard received a 999 call from a member of the public reporting that a
dog had been seen falling down the cliffs at Mwnt in west Wales. Because the
lifeboats were close by they were able to rescue the dog very quickly.

Cochyn escaped with little more than cuts and bruising and was happily reunited
with his owner on Mwnt beach.
I must add I am always very concerned about dogs running free on cliff tops.
It only takes a second for things to go wrong. It is always safer to keep a
dog on the lead when out walking.
There is an exception to this rule and that is if you were walking through
a field when you became surrounded by a herd of cows. In this case release your
dog because it will usually easily out run the cows and should be safe - as
for yourself -ah!, well that's for a another blog in the future.
With the hope of some very warm sunny days ahead, we have to remember to consider
our dogs when we take them out with us either walking or in the car. This includes
the following

Always provide your dog with plenty of (preferably) cool water to drink. You
may find places for your dog to drink but carrying a small bottle is sensible.

When resting during a walk (or even at home) make sure your dog rests in a shady
place out of direct sunlight. (Many short coated dogs can get sunburn especially
underneath if they lie for long periods in direct sunlight)

Never leave your dog in a locked car or with the windows closed or in an unshaded
spot (remember the sun moves round and a shady spot can become unshaded quite

PS. If you require a non-spill water bowl, to carry with you in the car, take
a look at the feed bowl catalogue on the dog care website:-

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