Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Soggy Wet Dogs


We have had, so it seems, several weeks of very dry weather. To-day we had quite a lot of rain. Those who garden will love it. There is one drawback, however, wet dogs.

The trouble is that dogs with a thick coat invariably pick up a lot of mud (and smells - how do they do that?) which really requires a full bath session. Not so easy, if you have a full time job, or are just fitting in a short walk when you have a time window.

I confess I do not know the answer but using "wipes", as suggested by a friend, does work on smaller dogs with short coats. With the large dog having a long coat, I rub the dog down with an old towel and then use an undercoat rake* to tease out any bits of twig or seed heads etc. It is often necessary to use the towel again if the dog is very wet but by now you have used up probably about 20 minutes just trying to dry your dog.

There is a case for using a waterproof coat and I intend to try this out. For too long I have been childishly prejudiced against deploying a coat on one of my dogs but actually it seems a very sensible idea and helps to ensure the dog gets enough exercise. (I might have to walk the dogs after dark though - when no one will see us!!!!!!!)

I'll let you know how it works out.

PS If you are not familiar with all the different grooming tools available visit the following link:


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