Tuesday, 1 March 2011

It's A Fine Day - Let's Exercise The Dogs


In this part of the world we have, rather unexpectedly, had some really fine warm days. This taste of Spring was enough to persuade me to take the dogs on an extended walk in the afternoon sunshine. However, lots of other people were doing the same thing and unfortunately there was a slightly worrying aspect to the way some people were treating their dogs.This was not to do with intentional cruelty but with lack of understanding of how a dog works.

A few dog owners were throwing sticks or toys for their dogs to retrieve and every one was having a good time, except that some dogs, obviously out of condition were being worked much too hard. Over the winter period dogs often get less exercise and get out of condition and over weight. This is a bit like humans but if you were asked to run about a lot you would probably decide at some point enough is enough. You would stop and take a rest knowing that being out of condition it would be a bit foolish to push your self over the limit.

For a dog it's different. Their strong sense of play (probably with it's origins in hunting) and the dog's natural eagerness to obey the pack leader (You) causes the dog to keep on playing until it is absolutely exhausted. In extreme cases this could be fatal.

So if you get the chance to take your dog out into a park or other open space it will be good to give your dog plenty of healthy exercise but be careful not to over do it especially with the more vigorous types of exercise and play.

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