Monday, 7 March 2011

Choosing A New Dog


Choosing A Dog? - Check This Out First

Every so often I get asked about the best type of dog to buy. This is often by people who have not owned a dog before and have no idea of how to go about acquiring the right type of pet. 

One of the great joys of life is acquiring a new dog. Whether it is a lively fun seeking puppy or a mature dog from a rescue centre there is the excitement of collecting the dog and the eager anticipation of the pleasures of dog ownership to come. But how can you ensure a long and happy relationship? You need to learn about dog care and training as well as considering your own situation before you even start looking for a dog.

There is a lot more to choosing a dog than you might think. However, I have produced a basic summary which can be viewed (Free) at:

Here you can learn about some of the things you should take into account even before you start the search for your new “best friend”.

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