Friday, 11 February 2011

Dieting For Dogs

Currently, there are a lot of reports of how our nation is getting ever more obese and of the need to maintain a healthy balanced diet. The importance of a nutritionally balanced  diet  is just as important for  our dogs as it is for us.

It is hard for most dog owners to know what is good or bad to include in their dog's diet. However, today pet food manufacturers spend enormous sums of money on research so as to know exactly what is the best diet for all breeds of dog. Each major manufacturer is keen to win market share by supplying a good reliable product. In addition consumer laws now require a greater degree of integrity of all pet food manufactures.

As a result it is possible to buy good quality food for your dog if you stick with top branded products. Yes - this will be more expensive but it still costs less than the vet's bills you will have to pay if your dog becomes ill as a result of a poor diet.

Do not be tempted to feed your dog scraps of food to supplement their diet. you need to control what your dog eats and how much it eats. This means watching your dog's caloric intake carefully.

Your dog  should be fed good quality food in amounts just right to meet it's energy requirements and it's weight.  If you need to get some idea of how heavy your type of dog should be go to the website shown below an look on the right hand side for link to free information

Remember, in addition to a good diet your dog needs 24/7 access to plenty of fresh clean water.

Also remember that your dog has to rely on you for the proper nutritional management of it's diet.

If you can really get control of your dog's diet and see how it contributes to better health - you may think about applying some of the principles to your own diet (of course - not with dog food!)

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