Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Weight Problem


I feel very ashamed as I add this entry.

You see I strongly believe that correct feeding and diet combined with weight control are absolutely essential in taking care of our dogs. It is the basis of good health and an active life not to mention a great saving on vet's bills.

Imagaine my horror and shame, when a knowledgeable person of my aquaintance, pointed out to me that one of our dogs (a little Jack Russell terrier) was over-weight - and they were right.

Okay, it was not terrible and easily corrected over a couple of weeks.  However, I had not really noticed and I should have done.

If you are concerned about your own dog's weight and wish to get some idea of how to check the situation there is information you can use.

You will find this on the following website.

Go to the bottom of the page and click on the links "Related Articles > Weight Chart For Dogs"
This is a guide only, but it is a very good place to start if you are not sure of your dog's condition.

Take care.



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