Thursday, 23 April 2009

Basic Instincts


Here is another story which supports the idea that your dog is 99% wolf under the surface.

When Jan Griffith's dog "Sophie Tucker" (a grey and black cattle dog) was washed overboard from a yacht off the east coast of Australia she thought that it was gone for ever. However, Shophie Tucker had survived, swimming over five nautical miles through shark infested seas to a mainly uninhabited island. Here she suvived for more than four months by using basic wolf like instincts.

Faced with starvation, the dog reverted to these basic instincts to hunt and eat wild goats so that when she was discovered by park rangers the dog was fit and healthy. The rangers initially considered the animal to be a wild dog and when first captured the dog was very wild and ferocious. It would not let anyone near it and refused any food offered.

After several weeks contact was established between the park rangers and Jan Griffith which resulted in the dog being returned.

Jan Griffith approached the reunion with some apprehension but when she called the dog, it started whimpering and jumping about in the transporter cage. On release it raced over to it's owner jumping and wriggling around like a mad thing - all hostility gone.

Sophie Tucker quickly readjusted back to life at home and now nobody would know that she was temporarly an efficient hunter killer on a remote island of Queensland.

So there you are, the dog had to have these wolf like instincts to survive.


Thursday, 9 April 2009

A True Friend / Feeding Your Dog Scraps


Did you see on TV the item about a dog (18 years old) that helped to keep his owner (80 years old) alive when they were both trapped inside a building in rising water during Hurricane Katrina. The dog did this by constantly licking the face of his owner and keeping him from drifting off to sleep and certain death in the circumstances. Never under estimate the allegiance of a dog to it's master (or mistress) when a bond has been established between them.

It appears that this dog (I think it was a terrier type of dog) actually lived another two years so it would have been 20 years old when it died. Does anyone have an idea of just how old a dog can live to?

I have been looking back over my recent emails and I am surprised how many people have asked about feeding food scraps and left overs to their dogs.
I suppose it is all tied in with the tough economic times many of us are going through.

I believe the answer is to be found in the German Shepherd Training Manual but I have copied the main conclusion below

" Food Scraps
Scraps could be a useful way to supplement your dogs feed. Think of it, when you feed your dog scraps and leftovers from your own meals you can reduce the amount of actual dog food required and save money and there is less waste for you to throw away. The dog enjoys a variety of food and you may even reduce the time it takes to prepare your dog's meals and clean up afterwards – it's a win win situation – right?
WRONG – Dogs are not mini-garbage disposals. Like you, dogs have dietary requirements and there are human foods that can cause them gastric and other problems. You have learned from this book the importance of controlling your dog's food intake, not just the quantity but also the nutritional balance."

I think this sums up the correct philosophy.